IT研修と研究所用データーベースシステムとリモートワークと会計システムと税務署とオンライン連携するシステム。 A database system for IT training and laboratories, a remote work and accounting system, and an online system that works with the tax office.








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静脈認証 ドアロック LINKはこちら
LINEアプリ 勤怠管理から給料自動計算してクラウド会計システムや税務申告と連携。




While supporting and collaborating in some way with IT study groups, online IT study groups, online IT study groups, online learning for students, online learning for programming for ordinary people, and online lessons.
As a part of creating an environment where it is easy to work remotely or telework, you can provide the following systems in the cloud or install a VPS rental server if you have one.
Once installed, it is a reasonable system that automatically updates itself between 24:00 and 07:00 at midnight.
Support and integration of TVCHAT features like Skype, Zoom and Chat features like Slac.
One yen per case sales development e-mail service such as Enchorage, Cloud CRM customer management system and Cloud business card exchange management system in conjunction with substitute sales service.
Linkage with the customer cloud DATABASE reference system, which uses the phone number of a mobile phone or landline phone as an ID.
You can communicate with the incoming caller via SMS, packet, LAN, Wifi, USB, etc., and send them information about recommended services and products for inside sales.
After the reaction of the pioneering e-mail and the agency sales, the linkage with Bell Face and Cloud Sign, the database system for the laboratory, and
I think we'll need a version of Gitlab's Rust programming language in the future to support graph charts, pukiwiki, WordPress, and issue ticket management.
I think it should have an open source version, an enterprise version and a cloud version of it.
From POS cash register to server automatic tabulation, venous authentication door locks and LINE app attendance management, automatic salary calculation, fixed expense settlement, variable expense settlement, fixed asset depreciation settlement, entertainment expense settlement, advertising expense settlement, automatic closing system, remote accounting system, and more
It is a system that subtracts salaries and expenses from the sales from the above POS cash registers and automatically links the automatic profit and loss calculation system with the accounting system, and in addition, it is a system that makes a tax return to the tax office in real time and can receive advice from tax offices, etc., and is a system that is difficult to evade taxes.It works with a system that makes it easy to trade too.
Mail order site support function & inventory registration support function.
Electronic seal function, electronic signature function, electronic document inspection function, electronic invoice function, electronic contract function, accounts receivable billing function for accounts receivable guarantee system.

Call center function, courier support function, self-catering agency support function, real-time automatic translation and interpretation function of Youtube and online learning videos and text messages through Skype, etc., and when the international law and medical practice law are legalized through Skype, Deeppl and Google translation function, international support function including foreign countries for TVCHAT remote diagnosis through smart phone, tablet, PC, game machine, latest TV web camera and browser function, automatic translation support function of Amazon Kindle and PDF book, online learning support function, online lesson and matching site support function, home teacher support function.

Schedule management and roadmap management functions. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



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Venous authentication Door lock LINK is here.
LINE App: Automatically calculates salaries from time and attendance management and links with cloud accounting systems and tax returns. 

The system of each program runs at high speed and stable on LINUX running on the main frame (general-purpose machine) on a 19-inch rack mount.

I dreamed of getting a job at a company that looked like a movie about Su-san and Hama-chan's Fishing Stupid Diary-style meeting in a maid cafe programming school and using

as a solution.

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