政策2022。& バックエンドはPython(DjangoとSQLite)で十分なのでしょうか? Policy 2022 proposed by Masahiro Ishizuka. & Is Python (Django and SQLite) enough for back-end?


No, the backend is Python and FastAPI, which is the Gin framework equivalent of the Go language with high speed.

We highly recommend DATABASE SET, which is fast, big, and scalable like Snowflake.

I also look forward to a future version of Python with a new version of Python that has a Python-like syntax but is based on Rust.

We are also looking forward to the immediate availability of WunderGraph's Python FastAPI, a hybrid that combines the best of both RESTAPI and GraphQL.

The use of Rust as a base has the advantage that it is basically fast and does not suffer from any security issues such as vulnerability problems.

As of 2022, I started learning English conversation and GAME programming Scratch from the 3rd grade of elementary school, but if I change it to the 1st grade and take the online exam called Data Scientist in the U.S. at home, I can pass the exam while looking at a cheat sheet in English and still be certified as a data scientist. If you get this certification legally, the average annual income is said to be 12 million yen, so I strongly recommend that you start learning the contents of the Data Scientist online exam in American English, including how to use AI in the development of WE sites, including Python in the contents of this certification, from the third grade of elementary school. I believe that children will be happier in the future if they start learning this knowledge from the 3rd grade of elementary school.

Although it is not compulsory for high school students to obtain a regular driver's license, it may be necessary to increase the number of facilities for those who have dropped out of high school or graduated from junior high school but have not yet attended high school, so that they can obtain a driver's license at the age of 16, even if it is at a training camp, or to require them to attend a driving school at the expense of taxes. Perhaps the number of such facilities should be increased. One idea is to build them adjacent to schools, for example.

In the future, municipalities should introduce a system to store electronic versions of residence certificates, family registry transcripts, and seal registration certificates in Google Drive, with the latest versions always updated, and only give access to those to whom they are submitted.

Other than that, we can adopt Pyhon, FastAPI and Snowflake to develop Tableau AI dashboard, and if the completed dashboard is a Japanese or global government cloud or inter-governmental TV chat, we can translucently use Tableau AI dashboard for any numerical DATA in Tableau's AI dashboard. Bar graphs, pie charts, maps of Japan and the world, by prefecture, city, town, village, specialty, sales, profit margin, industry, occupation, product, service, etc., etc., with your face and body displayed semi-transparently on the TV chat screen, you can see the domestic policy, foreign policy, trade, e-government, digital government, and other issues among the government officials. The budget for introducing a basic income, increasing food self-sufficiency, increasing food reserves, and increasing the birthrate and aging of the population. The Russian success story of aging society with low birthrate is that if you have two or three or more babies, you will receive money to build a house and living expenses for the time being, so they are trying their best to have babies. Successful examples of aging society with low birthrate in France and other European countries include subsidies for land purchase and construction of day-care centers. Budget for universal coverage of basic pension and employee pension, even for those who have not yet joined the pension system, and budget for increasing the amount of pension and not reducing it even if pension is received from age 60. A budget for additional keyboards & mice for learning tablets. A system and materials that allow students to study school from kindergarten to university, web programming, app development, embedded system development, etc., and an AI teacher for certifications and skills such as data scientist for online examinations at home in American English, dropout prevention, and failure prevention. The budget for the development of teaching materials that take this into consideration into account, and the budget for the development of teaching materials that take this into account into consideration. Let's abolish municipal, prefectural, and central government buildings! Let's promote telework and remote work! I'm sure we can talk about a lot of things, such as a budget for all-electronic money and all-online payment system that eliminates the need for tax returns, a budget for solving problems in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches, and a budget for promoting HANDPAY, a paperless and cardless payment system, such as a my number cardless, credit cardless, point cardless, national health insurance cardless, hospital examination ticketless, and so on. I think it is a good idea because we can talk about various budgets. I think this is a good idea.

Masahiro Ishizuka, CEO of Aon.












市区町村にて、将来的には、住民票&戸籍謄本&印鑑証明の電子版をGoogleのGoogle Driveに常に最新版を更新して格納するシステムを導入して、提出先にアクセス権だけを与えれば良いと思います。


Aon CEO 石塚 正浩。




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