Japanese lab sells improved smallpox vaccine results to Bill Gates to test effectiveness of new coronavirus in monkeys; monkey smallpox spreads to humans?







Smallpox vaccine improvement confirmed to be effective against coronas in monkeys...Clinical trials to begin by the end of 2021... 2021/01/08 12:56


On January 7, a research team from the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science and others announced that they had created a new type of coronavirus vaccine that improves on the smallpox vaccine and confirmed its effectiveness in preventing the onset of the disease in animal experiments. The team's findings suggest that the vaccine may have a longer-lasting effect than other vaccines. Nobelpharma, a Tokyo-based pharmaceutical company, plans to begin clinical trials by the end of this year.

The team incorporated part of the new corona gene into the attenuated vaccinia virus used as a smallpox vaccine. When the new corona vaccine was inoculated into monkeys twice, three weeks apart, antibodies that attack the new corona and immune cells that attack infected cells were produced.

 When four inoculated monkeys were infected with the new corona, it was confirmed that virus growth in the lungs and the onset of pneumonia were strongly suppressed. No serious side effects from the vaccine were observed.

 Michinori Kohara, a specially-appointed researcher in infectious immunology at the institute, said, "Vaccines using vaccinia viruses are highly safe and are expected to maintain their strong effects for a long time.


Monkey Pox, an infectious disease that is feared to enter Japan

Kazuyuki Hamada's Global Trends and Business Opportunities International May 27, 2022 15:30




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Disturbing image The cloud of uncertainty seems to be "one difficulty gone and another one coming. If anything, it is because the emergence of new infections has been confirmed here, even though it has been said that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection "may have finally passed the pass.

 The source of the threat is an infectious disease called "monkey pox. Until now, it has existed only in central Africa, and its presence was only confirmed in 1958. It has never been confirmed outside of Africa, and is believed to be a type of smallpox that once claimed 300 million lives. However, a large-scale LGBT festival held in Spain in early May, attended by 8,000 people, was considered the source of infection, and the disease seems to have spread among the participants.

 Terrifyingly, the disease has already been confirmed in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe and the United States. In just two weeks, the disease has spread at breakneck speed from Europe to the North American continent. According to the latest reports, there are also confirmed cases in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Middle East. At this point, there have been warnings that the disease can be spread through skin-to-skin contact between homosexuals, but it can also be spread through towels and clothing used by infected people, so caution should be exercised.

 The fatality rate ranges from 1% to 10% at worst, so there is no need to be overly concerned. Nevertheless, both President Biden and WHO Director-General Tedros, who visited Japan earlier, said in succession, "This is a danger that cannot be ignored. Urgent measures are indispensable.

 The U.S., Germany, France, and other European countries have immediately begun to secure large quantities of vaccine for monkeypox. According to President Biden, "I want to reassure you that we will obtain a quantity that will be available to all Americans. Having experienced the Corona pandemic, it can be said that the measures taken are quick.

 In fact, as if they had foreseen such a situation, a vaccine manufacturer has developed a vaccine for monkeypox by improving the smallpox vaccine, which is surprising. Moreover, this manufacturer was funded by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci of the CDC. This is exactly the same trend as the vaccine makers in Europe and the U.S. who were preparing the vaccine for COVID-19 in a very hands-on manner.

 Recall, Bill Gates hosted a simulation conference called "Event 201" in New York in October 2019, just before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and called for "an outbreak of infectious diseases, so you can make a lot of money by investing in vaccine manufacturers." Indeed, that is exactly what happened.

 The manufacturer that has attracted attention is Bavarian Nordic (BVNRY), which has a production facility in the Netherlands. At this time, BVNRY is the only company that has received certification for the monkeypox vaccine. President Biden has therefore placed an immediate order for $120 million worth of vaccine for 12 million people. Upon hearing the news, the company's stock price soared 70% and continues to soar. The company's stock price soared 70% on the news, and continues to soar today.

 In each case, however, research and production of vaccines have been prepared in advance, so it is not hard to say that the situation is just like a scenario created by someone else. Furthermore, some experts have pointed out that the monkeypox that is currently spreading is different from the virus of African origin and has been artificially modified, which makes us even more suspicious.

 Although the actual nature of the virus has not yet been elucidated, it could be the next "monkeypox" after corona. The Japanese government has stated, "At this time, there is no confirmed case of infection in Japan. However, we will continue to work closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that we remain vigilant. The Japanese government, which has just announced a policy of easing entry restrictions for travelers from overseas starting at the end of May, seems to have "taken the appearance of a new infectious disease by surprise" as the coronary crisis is finally showing signs of abating.

 However, at an international biosecurity conference held in Munich, Germany, last year, a simulation was conducted that predicted a worldwide outbreak of Monkey Pox in mid-May 2022. Experts at the conference predicted "limited initial victims, but by January 10, 2023, the number of deaths will reach 1.3 million; by the end of 2023, the death toll could swell to hundreds of millions."

 Vaccines are being developed and manufactured, but because of the rapid mutation of the virus, it was predicted that "by the end of 2022, the vaccine will no longer be effective. President Biden, who seems to have been aware of this situation in advance, told his delegation during his recent visit to Asia to "watch out for monkeypox," first in South Korea and then in Japan. However, neither country was willing to take it seriously. There was even a specific advice from the U.S. that the monkeypox would hit Japan around June 10.

 If Japan continues to ignore President Biden's advice and eases its policy of accepting travelers from abroad without taking sufficient countermeasures, it will be "clearer than daylight" that serious damage will occur in Japan as well.

 Please look forward to the next issue, the 297th!

Author: Kazuyuki Hamada

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Did Bill Gates Foresee the Spread of Monkey Pox? Horrifying details of preliminary simulation in Munich revealed.

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Did Bill Gates foresee the spread of monkeypox? Image 1 of the frightening details of the preliminary simulation.

Monkeypox virus from "National Institute of Infectious Diseases

 Monkeypox" is spreading all over the world, including Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East. This viral infection, which is structurally related to the smallpox virus and causes similar symptoms, has a mortality rate of 1-11% according to data from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (the rate varies greatly depending on the medical system of the country). The World Health Organization (WHO) is alarmed by the spread of the disease as an "unusual situation. Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also calling for caution when traveling to countries where the outbreak has occurred. The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning that this outbreak of monkeypox is an "anomaly," and Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is calling for travelers to be careful when traveling to countries with outbreaks.

Did Bill Gates foresee the spread of monkeypox?

 On the Internet, some people are saying, "Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) predicted the spread of monkeypox this time. A check of Bill Gates' past statements revealed that in a conversation with British politician Jeremy Hunt in November 2021, he had warned about the "possibility of bioterrorists sowing smallpox. He pointed out that the countermeasures include "more inexpensive vaccine factories," "countries investing more money in pandemic preparedness," and "restructuring the WHO so that it can better monitor pandemics.




 He further stated at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on February 18 of this year, "The risk of a new coronavirus has decreased, but another pandemic is on the way. The new pandemic will originate from a different pathogen than the coronavirus strain," he said in a prophetic speech.

Did Bill Gates foresee the spread of monkeypox? Image 2 of the frightening details of the preliminary simulation.

Image from Interesting Engineering

 And this month, which seems too timely to be a coincidence, he even published a book entitled "How to Prevent the Next Pandemic" at the very same time as the monkeypox spread.

 Not only Bill Gates, but also the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has warned on its website, "Although the WHO declared smallpox eradicated in 1980, there is concern that the viola virus, the cause of smallpox, could be used as a biological weapon." and warned that "Tembexa (brincidofovir)" was newly approved for the treatment of smallpox last June 4.

■ A simulation of a monkeypox pandemic was underway!

 Yet another curious event occurred on March 17, 2021, when the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), in conjunction with the Munich Security Conference, conducted a simulation of a monkeypox bioterrorism outbreak.

 NTI is an organization that is not very familiar in Japan, but it was founded in 2001 by Sam Nunn, a former U.S. senator and informal advisor to former President Barack Obama, and Ted Turner, an American media magnate and philanthropist, to prevent WMDs, biological weapons, and The organization is dedicated to the prevention of WMD, biological weapons, and cyber security terrorism. Its current head is Ernest Jeffrey Moniz, who served as the U.S. Secretary of Energy during the Obama administration. And this NTI received a $250,000 grant from Bill Gates' foundation in January 2018.

 The "monkeypox" pandemic simulation document conducted by that NTI includes the following information.

1. a new, vaccine-resistant monkeypox bioterrorism outbreak in Brinia (a fictional country in the simulation) on May 15, 2022.

2. 70 million people infected and 1.3 million dead in 83 countries by about January 10, 2023.

By May 10, 2023, 480 million people worldwide will be infected and 27 million will have died. 4.

By December 1, 2023, 3.2 billion people will be infected and 271 million will have died.

 In reality, the first cases of infection occurred in the United Kingdom on May 7, which is close in time to the setting in the simulation, and the old name for the United Kingdom is "Britannia. It is almost like a prophecy.

They predict 300 million people will die on December 1, 2023!

Bill Gates predicted monkey pox.






Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO, Pfizer Inc. of America, announces they will cut the world population in half by 2023!







Comment: In the above video, Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer Inc.

In the above video, Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer Inc. of the USA, announces that the world population will be cut in half by 2023, and Bill Gates also announces in Munich that monkey pox will kill hundreds of millions of people in every country and hundreds of millions of people there. Pfizer's Chairman and CEO and Microsoft's Bill Gates are obvious criminals, criminal threats, and accomplices. China, with its large population, has condemned this as a terrorist genocide. Already, as Bill Gates predicted, deaths have begun to occur from monkey pox from the UK. We are only six months away from 2023 AD. Shouldn't this criminal organization be destroyed by genocide? Dear Interpol and SWAT.

Isn't the meaning of your existence now? Let's go in with assault rifles!

We wish you the destruction of an international criminal organization.

We were very annoyed by the new coronavirus COVID19, and we do not want another consecutive pandemic.

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