The challenge to the huge market of 60 trillion yen. We will revolutionize the structure of the construction industry itself with Tech.

A new job opportunity for a construction engineer! rubyruby-on-railsmysqlgitgithubjira... updated 24 days ago Job Title Backend Engineer Employment Type Full Time Annual Salary 6 - 9 Million Yen Hourly Rate 3,000 - 4,500 Yen Location Tokyo. Comments: IT and digitalization of the construction industry is great. However, Ruby on Rails itself has the advantage that development is fun and the development speed is fast, but it is not suitable for team development because it can hardly be maintained by others or the team, so everyone goes through hell. The more source code you have, the more negative legacy you have, which is a huge disadvantage. It can also cause the death of a country, so please be careful. We recommend Python FastAPI, which is as fast as Go's Gin framework and supports a wide variety of AI libraries. Ideally, the development of a hybrid, true multi-core, multi-threaded PV language, with Python for the visual syntax and V for the content and background, should be funded out of government budgets around the world. We should also develop a dream operating system that integrates all operating systems with Snowflake support and an AI lesson teacher that can run on any operating system as long as there is a web browser.

Web programmer & IT consulting 

Aon Representative Masahiro Ishizuka 090-7555-5011 



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Our specialties

 Minimum annual salary of $5M partially remote Agile development Code review culture Running a B2B service Developing your own service Side hustle people are welcome Online selection process is available

What is the work we do and how do we make it happen?


We develop and provide SaaS product "KANNA" for the construction industry

We provide "KANNA", a platform that connects residential construction companies (e.g. real estate developers) and specialized companies (carpenters/clothiers/electricians/plumbing contractors) throughout Japan. In general, SaaS products are often designed to "improve business efficiency," but KANNA is a product designed to "increase customer sales. We believe that an increase in sales will result in an increase in the annual income of the user, which will make the user happy, and in turn, make the user's family happy as well.

What needs to be solved in the construction industry is

It is not "business management" but "travel/office work time."

To increase sales, KANNA focuses on "travel/office work time.

As a matter of fact, it is said that "work (construction) time" in a professional firm is only "35%" of the total work time. In other words, only 35% of the time is spent generating money (sales). The rest of the time is spent traveling and doing paperwork. The 400,000 professional firms in the world are not necessarily the only clients in the vicinity of the office.

Each of them spends 30% of their total work time on travel and administrative work. As a result, the amount of profit is lower, and the problem is the inability to increase employee salaries.

By introducing KANNA

Reduced travel time by "1/6".

Construction time increased by "3 times".

Operating profit increased by 12 times.

KANNA has also been able to

What is the new "Construction Tech" market that KANNA is aiming for?

The "construction x tech" market began to gain momentum around 2019.

This is due to the fact that the IT literacy of companies in the construction industry, one of the industries that has been the slowest to adopt IT, has increased, and employees and other specialized companies (carpenters/construction workers) have become accustomed to smartphone operation.

Many existing construction x tech services (SaaS products) are in line with the needs of "long-term construction". For example, condominium/building construction projects that take several years to complete. For long-term construction needs, it is most important to have a full "project management" function.

KANNA, on the other hand, specializes in "short-term construction.

For short-term work that can be completed in one day, the most important issue is to reduce travel time rather than to improve the efficiency of the work itself. While general SaaS products focus on "improving work efficiency," the "marketplace (matching) + SaaS product" business model is better suited to the needs of short-term construction (KANNA).

Many of you reading this article have probably never been involved in building construction or condominium construction. However, you may have witnessed construction work that can be completed in a few hours at your home. The person doing the construction may have spent an hour or more traveling to your home. But the work will be completed in 30 minutes. We think you will find this inefficient. KANNA is helping those professional companies.


Introductory Results

We are a startup founded in May 2019.

Our iOS app rating is "4.8" and we are highly rated for satisfaction.

▶︎Officially released KANNA, a free and easy-to-use construction management app.

Numerous case studies

December 2019 : Beta release

July 2020 : Official release

▶︎1,000 companies have installed KANNA (as of 2021.05). We are introducing about 200 new companies per month!

For more information about Aldergram, please click here.

▶︎Entrance Book is here.

What we can do for you

You will lead a team to accelerate the product development of our SaaS product "KANNA".

Join us and create a new "construction x tech" market!


BtoB SaaS application development using Ruby on Rails (including design/operation)

AWS design, construction, and operation

In-house business support tool development (including design/operation, etc.)


Empathy for the mission and motivation to realize it

At least 2 years of experience in web application development

Knowledge and experience using RDBMS

Experience in team development using Git / GitHub

Welcomed skills

Experience in Ruby on Rails development

Experience with Firebase

Experience in development using GraphQL

Experience in building and operating infrastructure using AWS and GCP

Experience developing in Scrum

Experience leading PM/development teams

Experience developing/deploying using containers (Docker)

We would love to work with the following people

Able to balance engineering and customer problem-solving, and think about service growth from a long-term perspective

Be willing to think of and implement ways to solve customer and internal problems.

Commit to team development and increase the output of the team as a whole.

Technology Stack


Meet Our Members

If you'd like to learn more about the members of Aldagram, click here!


Aldagram's Culture

- User value comes first

Our engineers are involved in all processes from design - implementation - testing - release - operation.

We develop products based not only on the technical aspects, but also on whether the features and modifications are beneficial to the users. If necessary, we can receive feedback directly from users.

- Proactive in new initiatives

We actively test and introduce new technologies and tools.

We also decide who is in charge of a task based on a show of hands, so you will be exposed to various fields of technology, not just one area of technology. We are a team that is not afraid of failure, does not condemn, and praises challenges.

- Continuous Delivery

We set sprints of one week for functional development and design. We also maintain CI/CD so that we can quickly provide value to users. After releasing a new product, it is customary to review the results.

- Flat organization

We have a flat and open organization where people can express their opinions regardless of their position, team, experience, gender, age, or nationality. We are committed to business growth as a team, with development and sales close to each other. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, including an overseas M&A consultant, an AI lecturer at a top Spanish university, and a top designer for a web service used by more than 10 million people per month. We have an environment that is full of growth and stimulation every day.



Full Commit Partners Representative Partner Yamada 

Full Commit Partners Representative Partner Yamada

I am Yamada, the representative partner of Full Commit Partners, which specializes in investing in seed-stage ventures. I have been working with AlderGram since the product conception stage, and I would like to convey the appeal of AlderGram as much as possible.

How did we meet and what was our first impression?

I met Mr. Nagahama and Mr. Atsumi before the company was founded at an event of an incubate fund, which is also an existing investor, in early 2019. My first impression of the two of them was, frankly speaking, that even though they are two completely different types of people, I felt a strong, unshakeable, and passionate trust that was established between the two of them.

Reasons for deciding to invest

Points that matched the aims of the fund

My fund has four investment strategies, and among them, I was considering investing in "IT armament" as an investment target that fits perfectly with the investment strategy in the context of DX in existing industries. Other investments under the same strategy have been made in UUUO, a company with a DX focus on the fishing industry, and Agripedia, a company with a DX focus on agriculture. Anyway, it takes time, but I think the interesting point is that through product penetration and industry understanding, dynamic industry transformation and building overwhelming competitive advantage can be achieved.


Development Structure and Environment

Discretion of development members

Each member is responsible for his/her own personal environment, such as OS, editor, IDE, etc., and can use whatever he/she likes.

Task estimation is done by the member in charge of implementation.

The overall schedule is managed by flexibly adjusting deadlines and features to be included while checking the results of the project as needed.

The development language, framework, and other major component technologies of the product are basically no more than one year behind the latest version.

Efforts to improve code quality

All code deployed to production undergoes code review or pair programming.

All members share the value that "refactoring should be done as needed," and it is done on a daily basis.

Degree of testing

Quality checks in multiple possible environments are mandatory.

Status of agile practice

Short iterative development (less than 1 month) is practiced

Daily stand-up meetings or similar team meetings

The team holds periodic review meetings at the end of iterations, etc.

Tasks are estimated in relative points rather than absolute amounts (e.g., man-days), and the opinions of multiple people are coordinated as much as possible.

Continuous deployment (delivery)

Maintenance of workflow

All code is managed using version control tools.

Merging of code implemented by each member is done on a pull request basis

Infrastructure as Code environment is in place

Open information sharing

All documents and data necessary for development (excluding personal information) can be freely accessed by any member in charge of implementation, without the need for permission from superiors or others.

Team goals and performance values, such as KPIs, can be viewed by any member of the team at any time.

Chat tools are implemented, and there is a chat room for the team.

There are no tasks that can only be done by certain people (efforts are being made to eliminate the need to assign tasks to specific people).

Freedom of working environment

Wearing earphones is allowed during work.

Flextime system or discretionary work system is adopted.

Remote working is allowed

Diversity of members

Foreign nationals are members of the development team.

Some development members are raising children.

Benefits and Perks

Upon joining the company, each employee is provided with a PC and display with specifications of their choice.

Stock option or stock purchase support program

Technical Culture

There is a CTO or equivalent who is responsible for standardizing technology and workflow.

What technologies are used in the field?

Technologies that will be used if hired







Source code management


project management


Information sharing tools




Other technologies used in the field









What is the composition of the team?

Engineers to employees

40% of the workforce

Working hours and vacations

Working hours

Flextime system

Core time: 10:00~16:00

Actual work hours: 8 hours

Social insurance, benefits, etc.

Benefits and Welfare

Upon joining the company, each employee is provided with a PC and display with specifications of his/her choice (maximum 300,000 PCs provided).

Stock option or stock purchase support program is available.

Subsidy for purchasing books

Subsidies for purchasing books ・Seminar participation expenses

Aldergram Corporation

Aldergram Corporation

What kind of company is Aldagram Inc.

Unlocking human talent and creating sustainable systems

By changing the old, low-productivity system, we aim to realize a society where people can maximize their talents.

To this end, we are developing our business by targeting the construction industry, which has low productivity and a large market.

We are committed to creating a system that allows individuals involved in the construction industry to maximize their potential through the power of technology, and to making the construction industry a sustainable system.

Our goal is to transform the construction industry into a sustainable system.

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