What Masahiro Ishizuka wants and the business he is thinking about.





What Masahiro Ishizuka wants to manage.

We have started a free career change agent service, and the contents are
online main IT training, free programmers, IT training including free online programming school and online lessons for developing web designers, free English conversation, etc. We are considering a language training service that offers online lessons such as languages.
Of course, job change support is also free.
Even after changing jobs, I would like to answer basic questions for free, and support worries, problems, programmers, etc. via online editor VisaulStudio + Liveshare, with CHAT TOOL, etc.

We would also like to consider Q&A services and some paid IT help desk support services.

Add TVCHAT's LINK to websites around the world, click here, and the video will start. If it's a car manufacturer's website, it will be a race queen cosplay. If your brother or uncle is Toyota, welcome to Toyota's homepage! Greetings, company explanation, company history, product explanation (Lexus, Toyota Home, etc.), product history, and finally, at the mail order corner, the upper half is a cosplay video, and the lower half is an application. How about an idea for a form? Instead of using the application form, how about a non-video, real-time TVCHAT inside sales service that allows you to receive special orders?

I would like to run a hybrid construction company that manufactures and sells Yamagiwa's large speaker "Klipschhorn" and its replicas, and builds custom-built detached houses with IMAX theaters. Walls where speakers can be embedded, rooms with high ceilings, spacious basements and hydraulic elevators, children's rooms, cold baths and outdoor saunas, mixed bathing open-air baths, cellulose nanofiber carports, 2 men's and 2 women's on each floor. toilet and shower room There are toilets and shower rooms for men and women, 4 camper-like buses with a coin laundry, and a garage that can accommodate 10 cars. By law, all buildings with a heliport, a wave pool, an airport, a golf course, and more than two stories must be equipped with a UDATSU to prevent fires from fires brought in from neighbors' houses. Make it mandatory! Let's make it compulsory by law to install eaves (HISASHI) under the eaves (NOKISHITA) where rain hardly enters even in a light typhoon. I would like to create a mailbox with a system that automatically receives mail and automatically moves it to the cold and dark place on the basement or the first floor. Under the eaves, 3 stories, with a solid postIncluding the buildings, such specifications are becoming global standards, including mainly Japanese-style LIXIL that repels oil and water, kitchens and toilets, and water supply and sewage (pipes that can flush toilet roll paper and are hard to clog). I want you to be I think the government should subsidize the purchase, construction and renovation of houses. Also, I think I need a mortgage and rent assistance. What I really want to make is an improved version of this model, with a removable box under the woofer for height adjustment. (The structure of the duct of the front bass reflex is also taken into consideration.) With a front bass reflex, the woofer is a 38cm Klipschhorn, the midrange squawker is designed like a B&W rugby ball, and the tweeter uses a Heil driver horn. I would like to take this into consideration. Considering the hearing impaired, I would like to consider the structure of the MIRAI speaker, DENSOO's KYOUKAN speaker, for example, the L30 gramophone. In addition to regular sedans, EV & PHEV electric vehicles can also be customized for campers, hearses, police cars, ambulances, fire engines, and haute couture special cars. Bullet trains, liners, and elevated suspended monorails are recommended all over the world because they are resistant to heavy rain and heavy snow and do not cause traffic accidents with cars or injuries. Also a maker of double-decker jumbo jets for private jet bespoke and made-to-order systems, DEVOPS-ready on 19-inch rackmounts, (AIOPS-ready) compact mainframe maker. I would like to run a software house that develops, sells, rents, and bills for OS makers, homepages, websites, and intranets, as well as web tools.

Free CAD, free IT training including programmer training, free English conversation training, free job change agent business that provides free bookkeeping and accounting training, online vocational training school, paid maid cafe & Sebastian's online programming cafe, maid cafe (Would you like to buy two-story Airbus, Boeing, and Lufthansa Airport together as a SET?), Trading company & construction consulting by Maid Cafe (Would you like to build your own building? How about a subway or an elevated suspended monorail?) I would also like to run a maid cafe consulting for stock investment. If you acquire IT skills (programmer skills & consulting skills) and English conversation skills, you will become stronger when changing jobs at foreign companies, so I think it will easily lead to an increase in income. There are online maid cafes, but Kiraku is 10-minute walk from Katakura Station in Hachioji City. Rice, Fried rice, Curry fried rice, Crab fried rice, Chocolate parfait, Strawberry shortcake, Blueberry cheesecake, Blueberry yogurt, Sandwich, Spaghetti, Gratin, Lasagna, Soba, Tempura, Sushi, Ramen, Children's lunch, Salad, Soup, Hamburg steak, We would like to prepare steaks, grilled ribs and grilled ribs curry, desserts such as various dring bars and chocolate parfaits, and sweets.

We are considering and considering that we want to stand up for the poor, low-income, inexperienced and inexperienced people in the world, and for the rich people's business.
Skype ID is live: cloud9slack, 090-7555-5011.


http://aon.co.jp Under preparation

Foreign-affiliated career change site

High performer (consulting & IT) career change site

Reunion with Yamagiwa Denki's ultra-large Klipschhorn for the first time in 30 years!! (July 18, 2016)


Deoon SC-L30


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