USA. ENGLISH. The premise for Russia's actions in the war with Ukraine was provoked by Biden (pro-China) and other U.S. neocon forces. It is Biden rather than Putin who started this war.


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The Ukraine War, the Corrupt U.S. Neocon Biden and His Children, and the Dilemma of Sanctions Against Russia

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The situation in Ukraine is developing rapidly. In this age of television and the Internet, the world is watching images and videos of what Russia is doing. Even if the battle is won, the strategic and political downside is significant (similar to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor). Although the battle was won, Putin's Russia is also in a difficult situation, having been criticized by international public opinion for not proceeding as quickly as planned due to fierce resistance, as well as for taking violent methods and continuing to make unreasonable claims.


On the other hand, just as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was preceded by a plot and provocation by the U.S., which wanted a war between Japan and the U.S., Russia's actions this time were premised on provocation by Biden and other U.S. neocon forces. It was Biden, rather than Putin, who started this war, and I hate Biden. From a geopolitical point of view, Russia would never allow Ukraine to come under Western military control and deploy missiles (just as the U.S. would never allow missiles to be deployed in Cuba), but Biden did it (October 23, 2021).


→The tragedy of Ukraine, which was used and abandoned by Biden (Yahoo News, Professor Emeritus Emeritus Takashi Endo = University of Tsukuba)

On August 31, 2011, Biden completed the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, and the entire world loudly criticized him for his inhumane withdrawal. The NATO countries that had cooperated with the U.S. were disappointed with Biden's methods, and their hearts turned away from the U.S."

Biden suddenly shifted his focus to Ukraine, and on September 20, 6,000 Western troops from 15 countries, mostly from NATO, conducted a military exercise in Ukraine. This exercise with Ukraine began in 1996, and it was reportedly the largest exercise since its inception.

 By October 23, Biden had deployed 180 anti-tank missile systems (Javelins) to Ukraine.

 These missiles were proposed by Biden, who was vice president during the Obama administration, to provide to Ukraine in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea. But Obama dismissed it under one word. The reason for his rejection was that "doing so would provoke Putin, who would become even more aggressive."

 Providing this missile to Ukraine would make Putin more aggressive--!

 These words of Obama must surely have given Biden a good clue.

 Sure enough, when Putin learned that Biden had deployed anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, he immediately responded, "Don't let NATO cross the deadline!" and reacted by gathering some 100,000 Russian troops around the Ukrainian border in late October and early November and moving to position positions around Ukraine."

8/31: The chaos of the Afghan withdrawal.

∙ 9/20 NATO-centered multinational forces and Ukraine conduct major military exercises (largest ever)

10/23 Biden deploys 180 anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine

End of October - beginning of November Russian troops gather around the Ukrainian border


The situation is difficult for both Putin and Biden, but the damage to the United States on the other side of the Atlantic from this upheaval is small. Rather, the arms sales and the munitions industry will benefit. The hardest hit are Russia, Germany, and Europe. The basic policy of the U.S. is to keep Eurasia in mutual confrontation so that a counterforce to the U.S. will not emerge, and in this respect, the U.S. has succeeded.


An earlier article I wrote during the upheaval in 2014. →Geopolitics of Ukraine and U.S. Diplomacy

Geographical factors will not easily allow Russia to bring eastern Ukraine under NATO power.

Ukraine is not a region that Russia can easily back out of, and it will try to protect its military influence, especially in the east.

The basis of U.S. foreign policy is to prevent the creation of a rival to its sea power by dividing and fighting over the Eurasian continent" "Preventing the creation of a rival power through mutual confrontation in Eurasia...The situation in Ukraine is developing in favor of the United States.


However, 2014 and 2022 are completely different. The current U.S. basic policy is to win the struggle for hegemony over China, with China as its sole competitor. In a recent article in the Nikkei Shimbun, Mia Scheimer, an American realist and a leading scholar of international politics, also explains the folly of pushing Russia to the side of China (February 22, 2022, morning edition, page 2; members-only article on the Internet → U.S. involvement with China after the Cold War "a major strategic blunder" by Mia Scheimer).


If Japan, the U.S., and Europe implement strict sanctions against Russia and Russia declines, it will benefit China, the great power to Russia's east. The balance of power in Europe and the balance of power in East Asia are not unrelated, but are directly connected through Russia.


Defeat of Russia in the Russo-Japanese War → Decline of Russia → German dominance → Major change in British policy (encirclement of France and assistance to Germany to check Russia → Anglo-Russian and Anglo-French collaboration to encircle Germany) → World War I (Germany vs. Britain, France and Russia)

Nomonhan Incident (Japanese forces deal a heavy blow to Soviet forces) → German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact

Start of German-Soviet War (Hitler) → Crisis in USSR, disappearance of balanced power to check Japan in East Asia → U.S. decides to go to war with Japan (Mearsheimer)


However, even in 2014, Mearsheimer predicted the coming struggle for hegemony over China, and preached the irrationality of confrontation with Russia.

→ Mearsheimer's "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics" and the reasons for the outbreak of war between Japan and the U.S.

→ Mearsheimer, "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics," 2) Impact of China's Rise and Countermeasures


In 2014, Obama managed to contain the situation to the extent that no tragedy would occur. However, Biden in 2021-2022 provoked Russia excessively, resulting in the current situation. The enemy of human peace, the one responsible for the bloodshed, is ostensibly Putin, but the real culprit is probably Biden. I hate Biden.


Ukraine's inclination toward the West is not only due to the Ukrainian people's opposition to Russia, but also to the activities of U.S. neocon forces and intelligence agencies, including Nuland and the CIA, and Biden and his son are deeply involved in this. The neocon groups in the U.S. (Nuland, Blinken, Biden, etc.) have been plotting in Ukraine for a long time, and they have been involved in various schemes, such as Nuland's phone conversation being overheard, Biden forcing the suspension of a corruption investigation involving his son (Hunter Biden), and so on. ), and the immorality and corruption of the U.S. scheme have also been pointed out.


→U.S. Assistant Secretary of State says "Screw the EU," phone tapped and exposed.


→Biden and his son, who earns 5 million yen a month, were able to extract an unbelievable reward from Ukraine (Prof. Takeo Nagoya, PRESIDENT ONLINE) (free reading, registration required).

Anti-Russian Biden's Inauguration Reignites Conflict over Ukraine

Biden insists on action to "make Moscow pay for its aggression in blood and money.

"(Biden) visited Ukraine in July 2009, after becoming vice president in the Obama administration, and told Ukraine that the United States would strongly support it if it chose to join NATO. At the time, NATO membership was a minority view in Ukraine, and this statement stood out."

Biden's political maneuvering in Ukraine

Biden's support for Ukraine's NATO membership has also obstructed Abe's diplomacy with Russia in the past.


Makoto Mogi's video is a good overview of the past. It is easy to understand the details of Stalin's policy of starving the Ukrainian population (Holodomor), how Crimea was incorporated into Ukraine when Khrushchev, who was born in Ukraine, took over as the successor to Stalin, and the confusion leading up to the current president. The tendency for quality education to be provided at private schools rather than public schools can be seen here as well (Makoto Mogi's original main job was as a teacher at a prep school).





The United States is said to be divided, but let me try to summarize the situation roughly.

Neo-conservative, pro-China, anti-Russia, globalist forces: Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Biden, Nuland, Blinken, the arms industry, CNN, the US State Department, Soros, international Jewish forces, mainstream Democrats, old mainstream Republicans

Anti-neocon, anti-China, pro-Russia, America First (nationalism) forces: Trump, Giuliani, WSJ, US Department of Defense, Mia Schumer, mainstream Republicans, non-mainstream Democrats, Israel


Trump, who is described as arrogant and violent by the mainstream media in Japan and the U.S., did not start a war during his term and achieved a reduction in tensions. North Korea has also stopped missile tests.


What about the Biden administration? His withdrawal from Afghanistan wreaked havoc, North Korea began launching missiles more frequently, provoked Russia, and triggered the war in Ukraine. Biden is causing bloodshed and chaos. It may be good for the military industry.


Biden and his son have long been noted for their China-related scandals, and they are the epitome of pandahaggers (a politician who sells out to China).


As Mearsheimer also argues, it is a very foolish policy to have driven Russia, an important piece of the encirclement against China, to the Chinese side. The war between the U.S. and Japan was initiated by Japan, but it was the U.S. that wanted the war and pushed Japan into it, as Mearsheimer has stated.


The war in Ukraine was started by Putin/Russia, but it was the corrupt and pro-China President Biden who provoked Russia into war.


If really harsh sanctions are imposed against Russia, there will be no balancing force on the continent to check China, and East Asia will be destabilized. China's intimidation of neighboring countries would increase. This would also have a major negative impact on the U.S. policy of encirclement against China. Both the U.S. and Japan face a major dilemma with regard to sanctions against Russia.


However, from a perceivable point of view, if the current war in Ukraine is seen as a race between the U.S. and Russia, the story may be different. Instead of tacitly allowing Russia to bring Ukraine into its sphere of influence, the U.S., Russia, India, Australia, Japan, and the U.K. will complete the encirclement of China, and the U.S. and Russia are connected behind the scenes. This view is not entirely impossible, but at this point it remains a speculation or hypothesis with no evidence to support it. The only move that has appeared on the surface as a move by Russia to join the Chinese encirclement network is the provision of arms to India.


Mr. Makoto Mogi has uploaded a new video on the situation in Ukraine. He condemns both Biden and Putin. It has both similarities and differences with my views, but I introduce it here because I think it is informative.

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